Capital raising

We support any established private sector business looking to develop through external investment; internal restructuring; acquisition or sale.

We support project and infrastructure platforms seeking an audience with global investors.  Whilst our investor network is strong, our relationship with investors is strengthened only when we deliver funding proposals that are diligently constructed and economically viable.

Corporate due-diligence 

Corporate due-diligence is a highly specialised process and an essential safeguard to doing business, especially in Africa. For this reason we prefer to outsource our due-diligence to others in our Preferred Partner Network: whether it's straightforward accounting analysis; or more sensitive assignments involving human intelligence (HUMINT) and open source intelligence (OSINT). Trust us, the space is saturated and we will deliver you to those who are able to get you what you need-accurately and quickly!
We carry out pre-funding and feasibility mandates for clients looking to establish themselves in a particular region and sector. With eyes and ears on the ground we often source projects for clients.


With very strong links to governments and public agencies in Africa, we consider ourselves to be Africa savvy and globally aware. Our lobbying capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Securing meetings with key governmental and ministerial stakeholders;
  • Trouble-shooting;
  • Intermediating across borders between business networks and local groupings; and
  • Sourcing opportunities by having indicative discussions with key people at the very start of a business venture or project.

Legal & Transaction Risk

Our former lives as international
finance lawyers means we are well
suited to advising you on transactional
and cross-border legal issues and

Transaction Management

Structuring, managing and executing
international finance deals is a skill we
pride ourselves in. We’re organised:
used to managing an eclectic mix of
deal parties; transacting within ear shot
of our clients and with their best
interests in mind.

Preferred Partner Network

We can’t do everything and so we
leverage the knowledge and
experience of trusted partners on your
behalf: lawyers; accountants;
introducers; lobbyists; private security
firms; and corporate due-diligence
boutiques. Knowing who to trust; knowing
who not to.