Territory Capital WHO WE ARE

Our intellectual capital is in finance, transaction management, law and business networking.  We know people, and we know people who know people.  We’ve put together pitches and structured complex asset backed securities in our former lives; we’ve drafted documents, originated, structured and executed transactions.  We therefore appreciate what an investor wants and how to present an indicative proposal in a way that an investor expects.  This is both an art form and a by-product of our experience. We help clients to present the right amount of material, at the right time and to the right people.

George Breeze


George Breeze is a former transactional lawyer and investment banker. Leaving the city in 2011, he has worked as a banking and capital markets lawyer for law firms and investment banks; and was for almost a decade, legal head of securitization at BNP Paribas, London. Uniquely skilled at structuring and delivering investment proposals, George liaises closely with investors, lawyers and other professional counter parties: reducing the complex to the simple and creating value for Territory’s clients.

Andrew Darwin

Head of Legal

Andrew Darwin is a practicing Solicitor and manages his own law firm: Darwin Law. A former equity partner at a well-known city of London law firm, Andrew’s background was as a litigator although he now has a more transactional practice. He brings to Territory Capital an incisive mind; and with a wide brief, Andrew’s grasp of counter-party and cross-border legal risk plays a major part in ensuring our global reach neither compromises our sound governance nor our business integrity.

Paul Escoute

Managing Director Africa

Paul is a French national who has lived and worked in Africa and he has extensive experience as a project originator and lobbyist in the west of the continent. With a ground-based understanding of mining and infrastructure projects, Paul is uniquely placed in Africa, with a broader mandate to originate new opportunities as our global outreach expands. Quietly confident, Paul’s discretion is what allows him to liaise directly with governments and ministries at any level: navigating a path through the complexity of local politics, competing agendas and what is and what is not the most optimal way to move forward.

Mehdi Macheroub


Mehdi Macheroub spent almost two decades as a senior investment banker at BNP Paribas, in London, France and the Middle East. Working for some of that time alongside George Breeze, he has originated and pieced together some of the most complex asset-backed securities in the market. Possessing strong analytical and financial modelling skills, Mehdi is a key asset in our ability to price investment opportunities on behalf of clients. He understands investment and investors.